Test Your Knowledge With This Buying & Selling Content 2016 Quiz!

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If the goal of a conference is to spur action and ideas, then Buying & Selling Content 2016, Wednesday, Jan. 27, in New York City will score heavily. Here are 7 questions to test your knowledge on the topics that will be covered and the speakers doing the covering. Last year’s edition sold out, so you should definitely sign up soon. The member early-bird price ends on Dec. 31, 2015. Good luck!

1. What was the hottest skill on LinkedIn in 2014 that got people hired?

a. computer technician
b. statistical analysis and data mining
c. financial analyst
d. analytics expert

Dan Roth (pictured), executive editor, LinkedIn, will join Maribel Wadsworth, SVP, strategy, Gannett, on a panel for the keynote session, How Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are Changing the Content Business. Former Wall Street Journal reporter Kara Swisher, now the executive editor for Re/Code, will moderate. 

2. Alice Ting, VP, brand development licensing and syndication at The New York Times, said this in a recent story by The Hollywood Reporter: “It makes sense for us to extend it [into a podcast] primarily because we have such engagement with our readers for that column.” What column was she talking about?

a. Hollywood Gossip
b. Film Talk
c. Modern Love
d. Business Moguls 

Ting will deliver a keynote talk on Going Global: How to Break Into New Markets.

3. Josh Rucci, global head of content sales for Bloomberg Media Group, said this earlier in the year at the INMA World Congress: “I think we will be talking about _______________  a lot more. This is a train that’s not going to stop anytime soon."

a. wearables
b. native advertising
c. gamification
d. sponsored podcasts

Rucci and Jeffrey Litvack, group president, intelligence and chief digital officer, ALM Media, will speak at a session titled, Getting Readers to Pay in the Mobile Economy 

4. What percentage of millennials personally pay for some type of subscription or other paid media service.

a. 43%
b. 57%
c. 72%
d. 87%

Jeff Sondeman, deputy director of American Press Institute, will unveil exclusive API research on millennial content consumption in both B2C and B2B. Chris Altechek, CEO and founder of Mic.com, a fast-growing news site that caters specifically to millennials, will join him. Pictured are SIIA's Emerging Leaders from BIMS.

5. The New England Journal of Medicine has teamed up with what entity to create a whole new way to serve the healthcare professionals and generate revenue while also staying true to their mission and objectives of the publisher.

a. Mayo Clinic
c. Office of the Inspector General
d. IBM Watson 

Robert McKinney, Jr., director of commercial licensing & global business development, The New England Journal of Medicine, and Steven Heffner, director of strategy, Wolters Kluwer, will present the session, Three Major Shifts in STM--and Why This Helps Predict the Future of Your Business. Is STM on your radar? If not, you better start paying attention. Ed Colleran, partner, Triumvirate Content Consulting, will moderate.

6. Jonathan Marks (pictured) and Alex Wirth are former Harvard roommates and now co-founders of the fast-growing, legislative data mining startup called Quorum. “Part of what has made us so successful,” said Wirth, “is that we worked hard to ask [our audience]" what question?

a. Who are the best senate staffers to talk to?
b. What are the challenges you’re facing?
c. How can we make a better health plan?
d. How much should we charge?

Marks will be presenting with Bill Ault, CEO, IMPLAN Group, on the session: Data Is the New Content: Why 'Mediadata' is the Future. 

7. Connectiv members have recently been receiving legal-sounding demands for payment from what type of writers? More specifically, they receive a “Dear Publisher” letter regarding a consolidated class action suit entitled “In re Literary Works in Electronic Databases Copyright Litigation” …

a. bloggers
b. freelancers
c. data journalists
d. former newspaper reporters 

This comes from an article by Christopher Mohr, general counsel, vice president of intellectual property, SIIA. Mohr will be speaking at a very important session titled, Best Defense: Fair Use, Publisher Liability and Protecting What You Own. Audience members will also get the chance to ask questions of Mohr.


1. b – statistical analysis and data mining. Another interesting fact: more than 70% of LinkedIn users reside outside the U.S.
2. c – Modern Love. The Times has partnered with Boston public radio station WBUR for a podcast series that will retell classic Modern Love essays. Judd Apatow, Jason Alexander, January Jones and Emmy Rossum are among those who will narrate the series. “We were excited when we were approached by WBUR [in Boston] to partner on this initiative primarily because it is another way for us to not only engage with our readers but also to engage new readers to the column," said Ting.
3. a – wearables. “I think it will look a lot different than watches and watches only. Hear other 15-second, What’s Next? sound clips here.
4. d – 87%. The most popular paid content is movies and television, or music. But 40% of millennials do pay for at least one news-specific service.
5. d – IBM Watson. You can see a video presentation on this subject, which included McKinney, at last June’s ABM/IIS Conference in Washington, D.C.
6. b – What are the challenges you’re facing? Wirth went on to say, “You learn what the problems are for people by going out and talking to 30 people in the industry.”
7. b – freelancers. Mohr will highlight the most pressing takeaways from this freelancer case—Tasini’s resolution—as well as some suggestions on how to keep fair use from biting you in the future.

Make it a true happy new year by registering before your Auld Lang Syne kicks in. 




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