SIIA Statement on U.S.–China Cyber-Espionage Announcement

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Today, President Obama announced that the U.S. and China came to a cyber-espionage "common understanding."  They have agreed not to "conduct or knowingly support" the cyber theft of intellectual property.

SIIA agrees with President Obama that the cyber-theft of intellectual property must stop, and we are hopeful the understanding reached by President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping results in real progress on the ground.

The Associated Press quoted SIIA's comment in its analysis of the US-China agreement which reiterated SIIA’s agreement with President Obama on this subject.

Mark Mark MacCarthy, Senior Vice President, Public Policy at SIIA, directs SIIA’s public policy initiatives in the areas of intellectual property enforcement, information privacy, cybersecurity, cloud computing and the promotion of educational technology. Follow Mark on Twitter at @Mark_MacCarthy.