SIIA Releases New Guide to the E-Rate 2.0

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The Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of SIIA, in partnership with Funds For Learning, announces the release of SIIA’s Guide to the E-rate 2.0. The guide reviews the FCC’s recent E-Rate modernization, including a summary of the significant update to its rules and eligible services, analysis of the evolving E-Rate market, and how the E-Rate affects school technology purchases and planning.

“The SIIA Guide to the E-Rate 2.0 adds to SIIA-ETIN’s growing library of resources tailored to the industry’s needs to translate government funding and regulations into actionable market intelligence,” said Mark Schneiderman, senior director, education policy, SIIA. “Following its recent landmark modernization and funding increase, the E-Rate is more important than ever to the K-12 sector, including enabling funding of and access to online software applications and digital resources. SIIA thanks Funds For Learning for partnering with us to synthesize the most critical E-Rate regulatory changes that the software and digital content industry needs to understand to do business in this new paradigm.”

ERT-15Filled with expert analysis and insights, the guide provides program and market information to help education technology providers understand how the newly restructured E-Rate program will impact school district capabilities and needs for technology and digital content.

“SIIA’s Guide to the E-Rate 2.0 provides our staff with a valuable resource for not only understanding the changes to and complexities of the program, but more importantly for translating that information into guidance we can use to help our school customers leverage the program to support and access our product,” said Richard Blake, senior vice president public and governmental affairs, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

SIIA partnered with Funds For Learning on the guide because of the firm’s deep expertise in E-Rate compliance. Funds For Learning provides professional advice and assistance relating to the E-rate program to clients in all 50 states. CEO John Harrington is widely regarded as one of the nation’s foremost E-Rate advocates.

SIIA’s Guide to the E-rate 2.0 is available for free to SIIA members and for purchase by nonmembers. The report and free Executive Summary are available in the SIIA eStore. Members of the press can receive the full report by contacting Allison Bostrom at