SIIA’s Florida State Policy Report Highlights Positive Impacts to the K-20 Sector

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FL Profile CoverAdding to our library of market analysis resources for members, SIIA is excited to announce the release of our latest state policy profile in our Around the Nation series – Doing Business in Florida Schools. These K-20 reports are produced by the Ed Policy Forum, a project of SIIA’s Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) and provides the research and analysis for SIIA members to translate government policy – funding, programs, regulations, etc. – into actionable market intelligence. With use of this FL state profile, SIIA members will be able to better inform their business development and sales teams on the driving forces behind Florida school decision-making. The report follows the SIIA Ed Policy Forum’s recent FL webinar featuring Sara Clements, Regional Advocacy Director, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and Juhan Mixon, Executive Director, Florida Association of School Administrators.

Over the past couple of years, the state of Florida has made many policies changes with important repercussions on the sector. Importantly for the digital content and materials sector, the state has enacted requirements for school districts to begin to use at least 50% of their state instructional materials funding on digital format materials by the 2015-2016 school year. Paired with this aggressive incentive, the state has also loosened the instructional materials adoption process by allowing local districts to establish their own approval processes.

On top of instructional materials changes, the state board of education in 2014 revised its Common Core State Standards in English and mathematics – meaning a shift in assessments for the related subject areas and future instructional materials adoptions. The state has also increased its education spending in recent years after sharp cuts during the economic recession with the Governor calling for all-time high spending levels for the next school year.

SIIA members can find the full FL report here. Additionally, members can find an in-depth summary and analysis of the state’s 2014 student data privacy law on the SIIA Ed Policy Forum, as well as state reports on Texas, New York, and California with Ohio to be released in the next month.