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The White House Releases a Sensible Report on Big Data and Differential Pricing

Earlier this week, the Executive Office of the President released a report on big data and differential pricing that is a sensible guide to a tricky topic. The main conclusions were that the use of big data for differential pricing doesn’t really raise any new policy issues.  It is not widespread, the practice has many consumer benefits, there is no evidence of real harm associated with the practice and hypothetical harms are covered under existing laws or are likely to be mitigated by consumer behavior such as seeking the best price.


SIIA Comments on the Use of Data Analytics to Promote Social and Economic Opportunity

Today SIIA filed comments in the Federal Trade Commission’s Workshop on “Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion?” The workshop was held on September 15 and usefully framed important developments in the use of data analytics for providing services to low income and underserved consumers and provided a forum for discussion of the possibility of unfair or discriminatory use of data analytics.


Data Analytics in Education Promotes Social and Economic Opportunity

The recent FTC workshop “Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion?” posed important questions on whether and how analytics could be used to restrict life chances for people rather than create economic and social opportunity.  The answer lies in the hands of the user of the technology, not in the technology itself.  The critical question is how people use, implement or otherwise act on the discoveries – the indicators, insights and evidence – that data analytics can uncover or reveal.