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DIGITALEUROPE, ECIPE, and SIIA Host Brussels Workshop On: The Importance of Complementary Policy for ICT in the EU

On December 4, 2015 DIGITALEUROPE hosted a workshop with the European Center for International Political (ECIPE) and SIIA on a recent ECIPE report written by Erik van der Marel.  Van der Marel explains the importance of “complementary policy” in unleashing greater productivity growth resulting from the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the EU.  By complementary policy, ECIPE means especially trade freedom, product market regulations, non-resident patent filings, general property rights protection, the strength of legal rights in general, R&D spending (particularly from abroad), and a number of other factors.  The special importance of trade openness (including data flows), investment openness (R&D investments and patent applications financed from abroad), and intellectual property rights (IPRs) is no surprise to SIIA.  Policymakers should review Van der Marel’s document carefully.


SIIA Digital Policy Roundup: Revised Patent Litigation Abuse Bill a Big Step Forward, SIIA Makes Policy Recommendations for the Internet of Things, Joins Call for Surveillance Transparency Legislation

Revised Patent Litigation Abuse Bill a Big Step Forward Last week, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, released as second discussion draft patent bill that addresses the problems caused by litigation abuses brought by Patent Assertion entities, also referred to as patent trolls. The discussion draft is a revision of an earlier discussion draft. It includes provisions on pleading disclosures in patent infringement complaints, the awarding of attorneys’ fees, joinder of interested parties to a suit, limitations on the timing and costs associated with discovery, disclosure of real-parties-in-interest, revisions to the covered business methods program at the USPTO and several other changes and studies. SIIA welcomed the release of the patent reform discussion draft, recognizing the revised draft as a crucial legislative step toward achieving strong and effective patent litigation reform this year. More in Reuters.