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'We're a Media Company and... Run to it'; Griffey Credits 348% Growth to Commitment to Strong Content

If you're a fan of niche journalism—and there are close to 300 of those doing everything but wasting away here in Margaritaville at SIIA's 6th annual Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) in warm and sunny Hollywood, Fla.—then you have to love Industry Dive CEO Sean Griffey. In a takeaway-studded Q&A with Rush River Media's Meg Hargreaves—who hit on all the right notes—Griffey, time and again, credited his seven-year-old company's tremendous growth to its commitment to good journalism.    One of those content reaffirmations "actually came from this conference a couple years ago," he said. "I was struck that no one said the words 'journalism' and 'content' in a two-day period. Breakout panels talked about lead generation in buyer periods." Every article needed to be infused with someone's purchase intent, Griffey was told. So he just thought that belie ...


How One B2B Publisher Will Nearly Double Revenue in Less Than Two Years Without Events or Major Acquisitions

“We invest almost all the money back into our business.” That’s a line that trade reporters often hear, typically with a great deal of skepticism. When it is true, it typically means a certain group or technology within the organization is receiving the lion’s share of that investment (as a cub reporter I remember hearing a CEO give our B2B division a motivational speech that boiled down to pointing to the then red hot yet soon-to-crash consumer apartment guides and saying, “Be more like them”).