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With Silos Down, a New 'Church and State' Is Starting to Form

"Publishing is, or should be, a quiet operation, and it was Fleischmann's talent to make it almost inaudible. From the first, he was convinced that the separation of the editorial and the business sides of the magazine had to be complete: no disingenuous management requests for editorial mention of an important advertiser's product, no publisher's protests against an article that might offend a prominent client—no pressures, overt or hidden."


New Report Tells Most-Read Types of Emails and How to Take Advantage

Brian Cuthbert of Diversified Communications, who recently delivered a webinar for us on Aligning Editorial Strategy with Sales and Marketing, has his editors reach out to five cancelled members each month to ask "What can we do better?" and see if they will come back. "We've picked up 3% of cancelled members by doing this," he said.


Encourage Your Introverts and Survey Your Field, Speakers Urge

It has been close to a month, but ideas from the SIPA Annual 2017 Conference still ring in my mind (save the date for SIPA Annual 2018 - June 5-7 in Washington, DC). One concept that particularly resonated was when Brian Cuthbert, group vice president for Diversified Communications, said that he insists his editors speak at industry events.