Advertising & Marketing Services

Intensive two-day training sessions that target revenue generators by helping them to move beyond “old digital media” to understand “new digital media,” including how to speak the right language, how to raise the skillset of your teams, and the technology and support your team needs to succeed.

Onboarding, Engagement and Retention

How do the most successful publishers attract, retain and delight their audiences – and then monetize all there is to offer? These sessions will address how to maximize lead generation, increase the effectiveness of your audience development, onboard your customers for a guaranteed renewal, develop a critical website roadmap and more.

C-level Strategy

The strategy track serves upper level executives with peer-to-peer dialogue and actionable takeaways on the most pressing issues with running a media and information business today, including the future of the workforce, selling the complete solution, solution selling and more.

Data Strategy & Monetization

Data gets attention because it is good business and profitable. That's because more than ever, data matters. To a degree you don’t see with other forms of content, data is relied on to make serious decisions, which have significant, business, economic and personal impact. Data producers are held to higher standards of quality and accuracy - by their customers, by their partners, by lawmakers. The ones you'll meet at BIMS will motivate you to step up, to see and apply data in new ways, and develop clear-sighted strategies for producing bottom-line results.

New Models for Sales and Marketing

Are you reaping the maximum reward from your marketing efforts? Is your strategy designed to optimize returns for varying product lines, whether they include newsletters, conferences or data products? Participants in this track will learn how to boost their bottom lines through best practices and leading trends in direct marketing, new product development (or old product rejuvenation) and event marketing.