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Test Your Knowledge With This AM&P 2020 Quiz and Get a Preview of Our Great Lineup of Speakers!

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by Ronn Levine


“Speakers are the marquee of your virtual event,” Lou Ann Sabatier, principal of Sabatier Consulting, wrote in our Signature Magazine this summer. If that is the case, we have quite the marquee event for you coming up in less than two weeks!


But rather than just list the speakers, here’s a snapshot of our impressive group with quiz questions from their association-centric work. See how you do! And if you like this format, there will be more trivia and interactive fun at the AM&P 2020 Virtual Conference, Oct. 20-22. (Register here.)


Oh, and lucky us, because Sabatier will be the Emcee taking us through the entire event! “We're thrilled to have Lou Ann lead and motivate us during the three days of the event,” said Jen Smith, 2020 Annual Meeting chair, and vice president, creative strategy, association solutions, for MCI | USA.      


Good luck!


1. Day 3 keynote speaker Mario Garcia, a Columbia professor and author of the new book, The Story, wants more editorial and design people to think phone when designing their publications. This is because, he said last year, that we go to our phones an average of how many times each day?

a. 57

b. 89

c. 114

d. 137


2. Dr. Garcia’s emphasis on storytelling on your phone is also a reaction to this statistic: that ________% of all emails are now opened on our phones. (Hubspot January 2020)

a. 39%

b. 46%

c. 51%

d. 57%


3. “Perfection is the enemy of good,” says our Day 2 keynote Leslie Mac. What would she prefer that people focus on instead of perfection?

a. near perfection

b. wordplay

c. grammar

d. accountability


4. Fill in the blank. In a terrific interview with Melanie Padgett Powers of MelEdits and the blog, Karen Yin, founder of Conscious Style Guide, said the following: “Gatekeepers are also gate _________________________, and it’s this power to let through more of the things we want to nurture in this world that makes conscious editing and writing an act of compassion.”

a. openers

b. swingers

c. closers

d. fixers


See and hear Melanie Padgett Powers with Stacy Brooks Whatley, director of communications and social media, American Physiological Society, in what should be a must-see breakout: Writing and Editing in the Time of COVID and Black Lives Matter, Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 11:20 am.


5. Early on in the pandemic, Marlene Hendrickson, senior director, publishing and marketing for the American Staffing Association, told us that a particular microsite of theirs had surpassed their homepage for traffic. That microsite, which they opened to members and non-members alike, focused on what?

a. unemployment benefits

b. spring getaways

c. COVID-19 resources and stories

d. the presidential campaign


At 11:20 am on Thursday, Oct. 22, Hendrickson will present the breakout: Insights from Pandemic Publishing Playbook -- Where Are They Now?


6. Fill in the blank. "We've invested quite a bit in_________________," Danica Stanciu, vice president for Politico, told us last year. "The use cases for this are myriad. They can be used to help a sales team get up to speed [or] to [assist in] providing content and news to subscribers. Listen to your audience and understand what they need."

a. technology

b. infographics

c. social media

d. artificial intelligence


The breakout, Taking Infographics to the Next Level, will take place Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 11:20 am, led by Sarah Gaydos, senior designer & data visualization specialist, GRAPHEK.


7. In a webinar early in the pandemic, two leaders from MCI USA told us that, when it comes to working with your audience, the natural inclination at this time might be to withdraw, but the opposite should be true. It's the time for strategic conversations and important questions. Pick up the phone, they said. What should be your first question?

a. What are your pain points?

b. What do you need the most help with?

c. What topics would be best for us to cover now?

d. How are you?


Emily Brown, marketing manager at MCI USA, will present, How to Get the Most Out of Volunteer Content Creators, Thursday, Oct. 22, at 11:20 am.


8. Fill in the blank. Jess Siswick, digital content editor, American College of Radiology, engineers social media strategies that lead to more subscribers, through thousands of new followers. She calls photos they use on social—"action shots." "We used a picture from our _________________ because that feels exclusive to us."

a. executive team

b. podcast

c. homelife

d. magazine


Siswick will present, The Visual Web: Using Video in Your Social Media Content, Wednesday, Oct. 22, at 10:05 am.



1c – 114; 2b – 46%; 3d – accountability; 4a – gate openers; 5c – COVID-19 resources and stories; 6b – infographics; 7d – How are you? While all those questions are god ones to ask your community, it’s “a great time to be human and lead with empathy and understanding.” 8b – Taking the Lead podcast.


Remember, every session will be recorded and be available on-demand to AMP 2020 registrants.



1-3 right – You have to register for AM&P 2020 to learn more!

4-6 right – You have to register for AM&P 2020 and take part in a discussion!

7-8 right – You have to register for AM&P 2020 and be on next year's program committee.