SIIA Urges Supreme Court to Restore Copyright to Private Ownership

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SIIA Urges Supreme Court to Restore Copyright to Private Ownership

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 5, 2019) – Today, the Software and Information Industry Association filed a brief urging the Supreme Court to review an important case out of the Eleventh Circuit that stripped copyright from case summaries and other privately-authored materials published as part of an “official” code. These materials provide additional context, information, analysis, and links to other sources that help provide a greater understanding of the statutes.

“This case isn’t about copyright in statutes. It’s about preserving the fundamental principles of copyrights,” said Jeff Joseph, SIIA President and CEO. “Copyright law is designed to encourage the development of novel ideas and creative works - critical incentives to information publishers of all kinds. This case takes a sledgehammer to that underlying foundation by removing the incentives for people to add value to these compilations.”

As the brief explains: “This case is thus far more than a mere curiosity, cabined to a peculiar arrangement between one state government and its code publisher. Rather, the decision below affects both commercial reliance interests and the public availability of high-quality legal analysis in jurisdictions spanning the country.” The case name is State of Georgia v. Public  A decision on the petition is expected this term.

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