SIIA Welcomes Civil Society Letter Calling on Congress to Address Data-Driven Discrimination

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SIIA Welcomes Civil Society Letter Calling on Congress to Address Data-Driven Discrimination

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 13, 2019) – The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal association for the software and digital content industries, today welcomed a letter signed by 43 civil society organizations calling on Congress to address data-driven discrimination.

SIIA President and CEO Jeff Joseph, issued the following statement:

“Big data analytics, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, promise unprecedented benefits for consumers, workers, our nation’s economy, and society at large. This letter from civil society addresses significant questions about the potential for discrimination from the use of data analytics and many other digital tools.  As we engage in needed conversations about how bias can be avoided in the context of data analytics, it important to recognize and maintain confidence in data-driven innovation’s many undoubted benefits.” 

SIIA previously wrote about important data discrimination issues in an issue brief entitled: “Algorithmic Fairness,” and recommended that industry conduct disparate impact analyses for consequential decisions involving data analytics to root out and remedy any discriminatory effects.  SIIA also recently articulated this position in a submission to the EU’s High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence.

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