SIIA Welcomes Government-Tech Company Cooperation to Combat Terror and Uphold Free Speech

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SIIA Welcomes Government-Tech Company Cooperation to Combat Terror and Uphold Free Speech

(May 15, 2019) – The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal association for the software, information, and digital content industries, 
welcomed the initiative spearheaded by New Zealand and France to bring governments and technology companies together to combat terrorism online. 

SIIA President and CEO, Jeff Joseph, issued the following statement:

“The Christchurch Call is an excellent initiative in taking action on the Internet to both prevent terrorism and stop the glorification of terrorist acts.  As SIIA has written, companies in this age of terrorism have take-down responsibilities; countervailing responsibilities to foster free speech and association; and, an affirmative responsibility to take steps to counter violent extremism.  Today’s initiative shows that companies take these responsibilities seriously and are deepening cooperation with law enforcement authorities. 

“SIIA urges action to improve quick platform response time to terrorism in all of its manifestations, while also respecting freedom of expression and promoting narratives that counter violent extremism online.”

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