Welcome to the new podcast series for ETIN – the LunchByte.

This series will provide you with access to leaders in the education industry and private enterprise.

Learn from leaders what:

  • The new topics in education are, 
  • They are thinking about for the next wave of technology,
  • The greatest trends in sales and marketing involve, and 
  • Much more.

Scott has driven EdTech solutions with pragmatic yet innovative design for over 20 years. His attention to interoperable data sharing and governance aids organizations and systems in sound information protection. His consulting organization, Keyed Systems, conducts assessments, training, and offers program management and privacy/security enhancing tools. With past government, school/district, and vendor roles in information technology and privacy, Scott has driven many successful ‘big-data’ initiatives and added significant value to the EdTech space through reporting, teaching, and learning tools. Scott contributes to numerous privacy and technology leadership consortia both nationally and internationally.

Dr. James D. Basham is the Senior Director of Learning & Innovation at CAST and founder of the Universal Design for Learning - Implementation and Research Network (UDL-IRN). He is also an Associate Professor at the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas. His overall work is focused on developing future-ready learning environments that are equitable, beneficial, and meaningful for all learners. Across his various funded projects, he is noted for his work in UDL school/systems implementation, STEM education, learner-centered design, online education, gaming, technology development, and personalized learning. Some of his most recent work has focused on the relationship between UDL and learning space design. Dr. Basham is an internationally recognized speaker and serves on various national and international boards for journals, companies, and education organizations.

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Diane has been with ISC Research for many years and leads a team supporting education suppliers and higher education establishments wishing to develop business and successful relationships with international schools. She has over 20 years of global business consultancy and development experience.

Lenny Schad has been in the technology sector for 28 years, spending time in hospitality, government, oil and gas, investment banking and education—including managing and leading technology departments for the 1991 Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations and the 1992 Republican National Convention. Schad moved to the school sector in 2003, and successfully led implementations of BYOD and 1-to-1 initiatives in both Katy and Houston.

Jake Steel is the Deputy Director of the Office of Educational Technology and the Senior Adviser over K-12 Education in the Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development at the U.S. Department of Education. Prior to joining the Department, Jake was appointed by the President as a White House Fellow at the Domestic Policy Council. A former math teacher in Oklahoma City, Jake focused on closing the achievement gap through personalized learning and technology. Jake earned a B.S. in communications from Brigham Young University–Idaho and an M.S. in education from Johns Hopkins University.

Jim Goodell is co-author of Student-Centered Learning: Functional Requirements for Integrated Systems to Optimize Learning. He is a nationally recognized expert on education data standards and leader of standards development for the Common Education Data Standards ( His work has led to greater coordination among key national and international data standards organizations.

Ilya ZeldinIlya is the founder of the 2gnōme soft skills intelligence platform. He holds an optimism about humanity and expertise in the business of technology convergence to help promote awareness and learning. Before 2gnōme, he managed the global Service Provider Program at Dell, driving recurring revenue for the software portfolio with innovative go-to-market strategies.

Sharlene McKinnon’s multifaceted IT career includes long stints at ThoughtWorks, Google, Ticketmaster, and Warner Bros. Currently, she is a Program Manager for the Applied Research Lab at Element AI.

Larry BergerLarry co-founded Amplify in 2000. He has led the invention of mobile software to help early reading teachers and next-generation curriculum for elementary and middle schools. Larry was a Rhodes scholar and a White House fellow working on educational technology at NASA, and a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow. He serves on the boards of Touch Press, the Academy of American Poets, Lapham’s Quarterly, and the Institute for Sustained Attention.

Chris Domaleski Chris Domaleski serves as the Vice President and Associate Director of the Center for Assessment. With a background in both psychometrics and policy, Chris advises education leaders in making sense of complex technical problems, and identifies real-world solutions to improve practice. Prior to joining the Center, Chris was Associate Superintendent for Assessment and Accountability at the Georgia Department of Education.

Jason Palmer As a General Partner at New Markets Venture Partners, Jason brings twenty years of experience as an education technology entrepreneur, executive and investor, and focuses on fund strategy, supporting portfolio companies and leveraging deep connections with industry leaders. Connect with Jason and Jill Abbott as they chat about the recent history of investments in EdTech companies, moving out of the start-up phase, where start-ups fail, advice for start-ups, gaps in the EdTech Industry, and more!

Julie Evans Julie Evans is the CEO of Project Tomorrow, an internationally recognized education nonprofit organization that focuses on improving learning opportunities for student through the effective use of STEM resources. Listen in on the conversation with Julie and Jill Abbott as they discuss all things about student, teacher, administrator, and parent data over the past 15 years. They chat about screen time, use of data in strategic planning, Ten Things Everything Should Know about K-12 Students’ Digital Learning VR, and teacher readiness to adopt and adapt digital content for classroom use.

Jennifer Miller is the founder of Confident Parents, Confident Kids and author Confident Parents, Confident Kids: Raising Emotional Intelligence in Ourselves and Our Kids. Join Jennifer Miller and Jill Abbott talk about Social and Emotional Learning and the role EdTech can play. The conversations targets guiding principles of SEL, barriers to adoption, how to implement practices in products, assessing SEL, and more.

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Ally BernsteinAlly Bernstein is the Executive Director of the Title IV-A Coalition. At the federal level, Ally focuses on federal appropriations, K-12, and higher education legislation. In addition to her direct work with Members of Congress, she organizes key educational grassroots events such as lobby days, press events, and Hill briefings.

Join Ally and Jill Abbott as they discuss Title IV-A, the flexible block grant under ESSA designed to ensure that districts have access to programs that foster safe and healthy students, provide students with a well-rounded education, and increase the effective use of technology in our nation’s schools. Issues such as how schools are using this money, what companies can do, how the law works, and much more will be covered during this informative podcast.

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Charles FadelCharles Fadel is the Founder and Chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign. Charles is a global education thought leader and futurist, author and inventor. His work spans the continuum of schools, higher education, and workforce development/lifelong learning. Charles recently authored Artificial Intelligence in Education: Promises and Implications for Teaching and Learning.

Join Charles and Jill Abbott as they ponder AI from multiple aspects - diversity, equity, and inclusion practices, assessment, deeper learning, privacy and security, and more.

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Linda Darling HammondDr. Darling-Hammond is the Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education Emeritus at Stanford University Join Dr. Darling-Hammond and Jill Abbott as they discuss educational equity, accountability systems, biggest challenges in education, how private enterprise can help the education system, and more.