At ETIN, we believe that education technologies are transforming teaching and learning, improving educational outcomes and strengthening individual opportunity and success. ETIN convenes ed tech leaders to understand and address the issues and challenges that are shaping the future of education. ETIN programs provide thought leadership, advocacy, industry-leading events, and peer learning, accelerating the growth and success of the ed tech industry.

Partnerships & Executive Connections

Great Connections Produce a Great Return

ETIN is a vibrant community of education leaders, providing extensive opportunities to connect with people who can help your business. ETIN members regularly make deals, build partnerships and establish connections that grow their businesses.


  • Staff introductions to fast track access to education leaders
  • Join your peers to shape industry leading conferences
  • Provide leadership and insight by participating on issue- and program-focused committees
  • Exclusive access to member contacts directory

Professional Development

Professional Development to Make YOU the Best You Can Be in this Dynamic Industry

ETIN programs are a great way to learn and build professional skills so that your entire team can grow professionally and make stronger contributions to the organization.


  • Build professional networks through member-only events and the ETIN contacts database
  • Engage corporate executives, financiers, press, analysts, and others in the ETIN community
  • Leverage the ETIN network to rapidly solve on-the-job challenges and identify emerging best practices.

Policy & Advocacy

Advocacy & Engagement that will Facilitate Market Expansion

ETIN staff advocates exclusively for the ed tech industry, influencing legal and regulatory developments and championing the industry’s many positive contributions. ETIN updates and analysis of policy developments ensure you have the right information at the right time.

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  • Direct access to policy experts for updates and insights saving you staff time and outside consulting fees.
  • Join peer committees to exchange intelligence on policy developments and their impacts.
  • Gain member-only access to webinars and briefings on issues shaping the market, such as ESSA, student data privacy, funding authorizations, and others.

Branding & Visibility

Build Your Leadership Credentials in a Crowded Marketplace

ETIN enables you to showcase your expertise and to raise the visibility of your brand, your producrts and your executive team. You gain meaningful leadership credentials that set you apart from the rest.


  • Speak at ETIN’s industry-leading conferences and webinars alongside established industry leaders
  • Compete for a CODiE Award that recognizes top ed tech products
  • Lead by joining an ETIN board or committee – a members only benefit
  • Earn a spot presenting in ETIN’s Innovation Showcase.

Growing & Scaling Your Business

Accelerate Growth and Save Time and Money by Accessing ETIN’s Community of Experts

The ETIN community has hundreds of years of experience running ed tech businesses and delivering success in a challenging market. This know-how is shared through conference, webinars, committees, and networking.


  • Unmetered access to original webinars featuring industry best practices on topics such as: Financing and exits, sales and marketing, pperations and admin, strategies and efficiencies
  • Free legal advice (1-hour free, discounted rate thereafter)

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