SIIA Media and Publishing Webinar: Pricing and Product Evolution from a Single Sale to Multi-headed Training Monster

Join Jared Waters, Training Director at Business Valuation Resources as he walks through the innovative approach that BVR has taken in their training offerings. Utilizing existing course content, BVR has reimagined their pricing model to increase sales and customer engagement. Waters will walk attendees through a case study highlighting BVR’s strategy, lessons learned and how they plan to capitalize on these bundle successes in the new year.

Jared Waters is Training Director at Business Valuation Resources (BVR) where he focuses on creating training content, expanding the customer base and developing new products. Previously he was an Account Executive with BVR selling content, data and training solutions for valuation professionals in the top 100 accounting firms. He lives in Portland, OR, and graduated with a degree in Political Science from Boise State University.