Data-Driven Innovation

Whether you have been hearing about “business intelligence,” “data analytics,” or the infamous term “big data,” there is one reason for all of the excitement about data right now and why you should care. It is this: Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) presents tremendous economic and social value capable of transforming the way we work, communicate, learn and live our lives.

While data analytics have been around for quite some time, what’s new is the increasing capacity for enterprises and governments to analyze and use this information— from a variety of voluminous sources of structured and unstructured data, real-time and static — to innovate and improve the outcomes of everyday life.

A range of previously unimaginable applications of DDI are already being produced—or will be in the near future. These innovations are making people’s lives better and safer and more prosperous, while also improving energy efficiency and saving money. Of course, there are also important questions about privacy and data stewardship, which must be answered for the full benefit of DDI to be realized.

SIIA Data-Driven Innovation Resources

Data-Driven Innovation, A Guide for Policymakers: Understanding and Enabling the Economic and Social Value of Data
May 2013

This SIIA white paper provides an in-depth look at the benefits and challenges of data-driven innovation along with a detailed public policy roadmap. SIIA crafted the white paper to provide guidance to help policymakers understand and enable the economic and social value of data-driven innovation.

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