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Audit Software Certified by SIIA
SIIA encourages all companies to be software compliant. To accomplish this, companies should perform routine audits of their software assets. The audit software listed below allows companies to determine what software is installed on their systems and determine whether it is properly licensed.

These audit tools have been certified by SIIA and have met SIIA's standards for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use for performing audits.

SIIA does not endorse any particular audit tool from this list but encourages companies to investigate each audit tool and choose the one that is compatible with their operating systems and is best suited to achieve their objectives.

By Provider

Express Metrix

Express Metrix, a 17-year veteran in the IT and software asset management space, focuses on serving organizations whose needs for accurate, comprehensive IT asset reporting and trouble-free management aren't met by enterprise-oriented framework products or less sophisticated inventory tools. With a strong emphasis on software license management, Express Metrix leads the market in the areas of IT asset reporting, ease of use, and customer support.

Product Description
Express Software Manager integrates all the data related to your hardware and software inventory, application usage, license entitlements, and IT purchases, for an unparalleled analysis of your license compliance status. With reporting designed to answer real business and IT questions, you'll no longer waste time muddling through mounds of data that raise more questions than answers.  Express Software Manager asset management software enables you to:

  • Stay compliant with license agreements
  • Identify and re-harvest (or purge) unused software
  • Manage hardware inventory
  • Track and report on IT purchases
  • Keep unauthorized programs or nuisance applications off the network
  • Integrate with your Microsoft SCCM implementation (if applicable)

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Express Metrix
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Company Description
xAssets IT asset management solutions are designed to meet the scalability needs and extensive configuration requirements of commercial enterprises.

xAssets Network Discovery - a complete solution that includes Software Asset Management functionality.

xAssets IT Asset Management - a full lifecycle IT Asset Management solution for companies with xAssets Network Discovery, with other discovery tools or with SMS. It includes full Software Asset Management functionality.

xAssets also offers a Software Discovery Service, which enables companies to use an SaaS service to discover installed software and reconcile it with software purchase records.

For more information contact us at:

xAssets LLC
125 Half Mile Road
Suite 200
Red Bank, NJ
Sales: 732-444-6521
Support: 732-391-3532