Authorized Resellers

Authorized Resellers
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Premier Reseller Program

Through SIIA's Premier Reseller Program™, SIIA recognizes outstanding software resellers and promotes them to potential software buyers.

Premier Resellers™ are qualified software vendors who provide outstanding value and service to their customers. Premier Resellers™ are recognized because of their commitment to developing and maintaining strong software asset management processes. The value Premier Reseller's™ give their customers is necessary for the efficient execution of SIIA's software audit program.

SIIA believes that companies should choose vendors (like Premier Resellers™) who excel in demonstrating that their clients have accurately purchased software commensurate with their needs. If, for example, during the course of an audit, SIIA investigates a company that has been fulfilling its software needs through a Premier Reseller™, we can be reasonably confident that the company has probably purchased licenses for as much software as it is currently using. In many, if not all cases, a potential target's affiliation with a Premier Reseller™ has greatly improved and expedited the settlement process. We expect that companies that purchase from Premier Resellers™ are likely to have lower (or even no) penalties when compared to companies that buy their software from non-certified vendors. Customers of Premier Resellers™ have the confidence of knowing that, if audited by SIIA, the documentation they provide can be quickly evaluated and their claims easily confirmed.

The Premier Reseller™ designation can also be used to differentiate a reseller from its competitors. In addition to SIIA's promotion of the Premier Resellers™, we believe the Premier Reseller™ program is a tremendous promotional opportunity. Further benefits of the Premier Reseller™ designation include: SIIA's advertisement of Premier Resellers™ in its software training courses, placement of company logos on the IP Protection section of SIIA's website and a certification letter from SIIA which can be used in customer communications.

As an added benefit to becoming a Premier Reseller, you will receive a discount of 10% off SIIA’s Certified Software Management and Advanced Software Management Seminars and Exams. These seminars are a great way to connect with your clients about software compliance and asset management.