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We encourage you to reach out to the appropriate FISD staff member to get involved!

Tom Davin Tom Davin, +1.202.789.4465 | mobile: +1 301.787.7495
Managing Director: regarding division operations and overall FISD agenda, regulatory issues, professional certification, the Exchange Constituency Group and the Ratings Agencies Working Group

Tracey Shumpert, +1.917.690.0172 | mobile: +1 917.690.0172
Vice President, FISD Membership & Programs: regarding general membership questions, Women's Group, sponsorships, or to set up an orientation call.

Anika KingAnika King, +1.202.789.4463 | mobile: +
Director, Events and Sponsor Relations: regarding logistical issues regarding events and sponsor relations including website updates and sponsorship entitlements.

Nick MerrittNick Merritt, +1.202.789.4441 | mobile: +1 301.335.6230
Director, FISD Programs: regarding real-time policy/business issues working groups, Index Forum, Data Vendor Constituency Group, Anti-Piracy Group, Consumer Index Working Group and Service Level & Communications working group.

David AndersonDavid Anderson, +44(0)1825 791382  | mobile: +44 7789 432044
Atradia Consulting: Regarding professional certification, training & development programs, Real-time Technology Roundtable, MiFID Working Group and European event programming.

Scott CooperScott Cooper, Saquish Partners: Asia member (exchange, vendor and consumer) relations, regional regulatory issues, constituency group planning and execution, regional event programming, in-region sponsorship.

Kiran SekhonKiran Sekhon, +65 8533 0276
Saquish Partners: Asia logistical coordination for event and constituency meetings, general regional member support, Sharepoint and CRM database maintenance.

Hope Wilkes, +1.202.789.4492 | mobile: +1 703.887.3309
Program Manager, Professional Certification, F | mobile: ISD:  Financial Information Associate (FIA) certification

Michael Zingali +1 202.789. 4470  | mobile: +1 239.776.5058
Communications Manager: regarding website content including press releases, events, jobs board, social media, FISD monthly newsletter, website access, and database management including member roster updates/contact and account information.

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