Student Privacy & Data Security Toolkit for School Service Providers

About the Toolkit

Supporting student privacy and data security are critical to creating a trust framework necessary for educational institutions and agencies to successfully adopt data-enabled information and communication technologies. SIIA has provided leadership to the sector on policy and practice. This toolkit provides the sector, and SIIA members in particular, with a suite of resources to inform their internal practices as well as their work with educators, families and policy leaders.

Guidance & Technical Assistance


Student Privacy & Data Security Workshop for K-12 School Service Providers

This workshop gives K-12 product managers and company leaders the basic tools needed to review and improve data privacy/security practices. Wherever possible, real cases were used and internal processes were identified for a variety of product types and company sizes. Workshop sessions include:

Understanding Laws & Regulatory Requirements


Privacy 101 for Educators and School Officials (Feb. 2016)

As student data privacy laws continue to move at the state level and start to gain traction at the federal level, this free webinar is a primer for educators, school officials, and policymakers. It highlights trends of requirements on schools, teachers, and service providers and privacy considerations for schools when adopting new technology.

Industry Self-Regulation & Best Practices

K-12 School Service Provider Pledge to Safeguard Student Privacy

The Student Privacy Pledge is a set of legally enforceable commitments by signatory school service providers describing how they do and do not collect, maintain and use student personal information. These commitments clearly and concisely articulate a set of community expectations that build on and detail ongoing industry practices that meet and go beyond federal requirements. For more information or to sign the pledge, visit and review this webinar.