The Experts' Guide to the Postsecondary Market

Like its companion, The Experts’ Guide to the K-12 School Market, this publication is a collection of articles from industry experts. Articles providing a general overview of issues in the Higher Education market are followed by chapters on Business Strategies, Product Development, Marketing and Sales.

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"The Experts' Guide to the Postsecondary Market, published by the SIIA, is a must-read for educational technology professionals in the higher education, career, and vocational markets. The Experts' Guide provides rich market overviews combined with expert commentary from thought leaders in the educational information industry. New participants and experienced players alike will find the Experts' Guide instructional, insightful, and invaluable as a reference and resource."
Kurt Gerdenich
VP, Technology Product Management
Cengage Learning

"Wish you could get the postsecondary market's leading thinkers to answer your burning business questions? Other than getting them all in a room on your nickel, you'll want SIIA's latest "Experts' Guide." It has it all: informed views from the trenches, academia, customers and vendors; insights into technology trends including eBooks, tablets, virtualization and SaaS; and the latest on international, email and social media marketing. Save money, buy the "Guide.""
Nelson B. Heller, Ph.D.,
EdNET/Heller Report

"The Guide is a valuable repository of information and insights into the trends, technologies and disruptive business models shaping the future of the higher education market."
Jeff Shelstad
Flat World Knowledge, Inc.

"a valuable compendium of data, trends and insights from leading experts in the field, and useful for professionals from a wide range of backgrounds"
Susan Badger
The Badger Consulting Group

"This guide is a comprehensive, must-read textbook for any company wanting to sell products and services to the complex postsecondary market. The authors are all well-known experts in their respective fields and their advice is not only timely, but insightful. Mitchell Weisburgh's chart "The Learning Management System in 2015" is a viewpoint you won't want to miss."
Carol Ann Waugh
Xcellent Marketing

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Higher Education Overview

  • Five Things You Should Know About the Postsecondary Market Mitchell Weisburgh (Academic Business Advisors)
  • Open Source and Postsecondary Education Gunnar Hellekson (Red Hat) video
  • A New Age of Learning Management Analytics Louis C. Pugliese (Moodlerooms)
  • Postsecondary Education for Adult Learners: Evolution of a Sleeping Giant Michelle L. Maldonado, Esq. and Crystal Jones (American Public University) video
  • Learning on the Run Todd Hitchcock and Bill Zobrist (Pearson)
  • Enhancing Learning Through Student Interaction Eric Mazur, Ph.D. (Harvard)
  • In-Stock for the eBook Promise Still "NYP" Paula Maylahn (Paula Maylahn Consulting)
  • Making Sense of Desktop Virtualization Dustin Fennell (Scottsdale Community College) and Angel Rodriguez (Broward College)
  • Federal Role in Higher Education Mark Schneiderman (SIIA)
  • Approaching the Finish Line: Standards Aligning with College and Career Readiness Jeff Livingston (McGraw-Hill)

Chapter 2: Business Strategies

  • Cloud Computing in Education: A Growing Market Opportunity for Your Company Christopher W. Bernbrock (IBM)
  • Advantages of SaaS in Online Higher Education Adrian Sannier, Ph.D. (Pearson eCollege)
  • New Policies and Funding Trends Point to Expansion of College Readiness and Remediation Niche Market Charles Blaschke and Blair Curry (Education TURNKEY) video
  • Expanding Your Revenue Opportunities: Moving between K-12 and Postsecondary Markets Farimah Schuerman (Academic Business Advisors) video
  • Delivering Affordable Digital Content: Example of a System-Wide Approach Edward C.T. Walker, Ph.D. (Consulting Services for Education) video
  • Digital Rights: Balancing "Reach" and "Rich" Douglas Stein (MemeSpark) video
  • License Agreements & Terms: The Basics Scott Bain, Esq. (SIIA)
  • Global Business Strategies: Insight into Four Education Markets Karen Billings, Ed.D. and Angela Carlson-Bancroff (SIIA) video

Chapter 3: Product Development

  • The Pace of Technology Innovation Adoption in U.S. Higher Education James Kourmadas and Vineet Madan (McGraw-Hill) video
  • Generation LMS 2.0...and Beyond Jill Ferrie, Ed.S. (CampusCruiser)
  • Accessibility by Design Stephanie Weeks (Blackboard)
  • Digital Defense: Developing a Protection Strategy for Valuable Digital Content in Education Terry Coatta, Ph.D. (Vitrium Systems)
  • Next-Generation Network Security Jennifer Nastu (eCampus News)
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing Learning on Mobile/Alternative Devices Supra Manohar and Sesh Kumar (Emantras)
  • Deciphering Interoperability Bob Alcorn (Blackboard)

Chapter 4: Marketing

  • Global Marketing Megan Stewart (Adobe)
  • How to Use Segmentation Strategies to Find Opportunities in the Postsecondary Market Glen McCandless (Focus Marketing)
  • Using Research in the Higher Education Market Rob Foshay, Ph.D. (Walden University and The Foshay Group) video
  • The Demo Suite: Demonstrating the Value of Your Products Daniel B. Rinn (Turning Technologies) video
  • Ready, Set, Launch: Sending New Products to Campus Linda Winter (Winter Group)
  • Modern Lead Generation: Four Ways to Turn Marketing into a Revenue Driver Jon Miller (Marketo)
  • Email Marketing to the Postsecondary Market Christopher Ziemnicki (MDR)
  • Integrating Social Media and Traditional PR for Better Brand-Building Charlene Blohm (C. Blohm & Associates, Inc.)
  • When Cause Marketing Meets Viral Marketing Sandra K. Fivecoat (WeAreTeachers) video
  • Using Software to Market Colleges to Students and Students to Colleges Stephanie Gertz, Ph.D. (ConnectEDU)

Chapter 5: Sales Strategies

  • Selling to the Higher Education Marketplace William L. Dillon (NACUBO) video
  • Selling to Private Sector Colleges and Universities: A Few Thoughts from the Field Jim Sigman, Esq. (SMARTHINKING)
  • Developing a Sales Partnership Plan for Faculty Adoption Tina Rooks, Ed.D. (Turning Technologies)
  • Digital Course Materials and the College Store Mark R. Nelson, Ph.D., M.B.A. (NACS) video
  • Compensation Models for Sales Executives within Higher Education Lisa Sacchetti, CPC (The Renaissance Network)
  • How to Position Your Company for Acquisition Pat Sabosik (Elm City Consulting)
  • Students as Customers, Not Just Payers Isabella Hinds (CafĂ© Scribe, Follett Higher Education)

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