ETIN publishes reports and publications to help members stay informed about market trends and policy. Recent publications include:

  • Guidelines for Conducting and Reporting EdTech Impact Research in U.S. K-12 Schools [2017]
  • Given the accelerated development of cloud-based technology and the important policy changes brought about by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), ETIN commissioned Empirical Education Inc. to provide guidelines for research. The guidelines will help developers and publishers ride this wave of change from NCLB’s sluggish concept of “scientifically-based” to ESSA’s dynamic view of “evidence” for continuous improvement.

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  • Vision K-20 Professional Learning Survey Results [2016]
  • This Report summarizes the results from the 2016 Vision K-20 Professional Learning (PL) Survey. The Vision K-20 PL Survey asks K-20 education leaders around the globe to provide information about their online professional learning practices and experience. The results from this survey will help us and our partners better understand how K-20 educators are using online professional learning opportunities and what they hope to gain from them.

    2016 Results | Infographic

  • Behind the Data: Pre K-12 Online Course Market [2015]
  • This Report summarizes the experiences, insights, and analyses of industry executives to provide a more thorough understanding of the online course market in U.S. PreK-12 education institutions. It is an extension of SIIA’s annual vendor survey reports on the PreK-12 U.S. Education Market in which vital data was provided for companies and the education community, helping them to better understand this growing market. The report was written by Consulting Services for Education.

    Executive Summary is available for free.

  • Expert's Guide to the Postsecondary Market [2011]
  • Like its companion, The Experts' Guide to the K-12 School Market, this publication is a collection of articles from industry experts. Articles providing a general overview of issues in the Higher Education market are followed by chapters on Business Strategies, Product Development, Marketing and Sales Strategies. The Guide also includes valuable reference lists for Associations & Conferences and Acronyms.

  • Guide to Open Educational Resources [2013]
  • This Guide provides a framework for understanding open educational resources (OER), and it examines development and implementation costs, current business models, government and philanthropy’s role, and other considerations around the use of OER.

  • Guide to the E-Rate 2.0 [2015]
  • The Guide, in partnership with Funds For Learning, provides actionable market information to help the ed tech industry navigate E-rate 2.0. The Guide reviews the FCC’s recent E-rate modernization, including summary of the significant update to its rules and eligible services, analysis of the evolving E-rate market, and how the E-rate affects school technology purchases and planning. Whether your products are E-rate eligible or not, ed tech companies will gain a deeper insight into how the E-rate program works, what it means for your services, and strategies to help schools and libraries and build partnerships. School districts have requested approximately $73 billion in E-rate support between 1998 and 2015.

    Executive Summary available for free.

  • Primer on K-20 Education Interoperability Standards [2012]
  • This Primer provides software developers and education leaders with a framework for understanding technology interoperability and related standards that facilitate the exchange of information between educational systems and support the integration of content, data, and components from different technology applications.

  • US Ed Tech Market Report: PreK-12 [2014]
  • The 2014 preK-12 ed tech market report is our fourth annual report analyzing the education market. This year's report focuses on the 2012-2013 school year and presents the results of a supply-side survey of publishers, developers and service providers and aggregates the sector's digital revenues in the PreK-12 market.

    Executive Summary is available for free.