Education Policy Resources

ETIN follows and researches the latest in national, federal and state education policies and initiatives. The Ed Policy Forum provides SIIA's ETIN members with summaries and analyses of key education policies and initiatives impacting the K-20 marketplace. 

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See our libraries of Federal/National and State policies:

Federal laws, regulations, funding streams and national policy trends across states shaping the K-20 market.
Current state government policies, programs, regulations and funding streams impacting the K-20 market.


  • California State Policy Profile (2017)
    An in-depth report on California state government funding, regulations and programs impacting the K-20 market. This is a follow-up to the webinar Around the Nation: Doing Business in California Schools and an updated version of the SIIA report issued in 2015.

  • ESSA, Title I Summary & Analysis
    This report analyzes major changes in Title I from NCLB to ESSA and highlights potential areas of opportunities for education technology providers.

  • 2016 State Student Data Privacy & Security Laws
    This comprehensive report of 2016 student data privacy laws provides critical information for education service providers working with state and local education agencies.

  • Instructional Materials Toolkit
    A collection of guides and checklists for educators and administrators to use when selecting instructional materials. A helpful resource as well for policymakers in dispelling misconceptions and mistruths about open educational resources and digital content.

  • State Policy Profiles
    In-depth reports on state government funding, regulations and programs impacting the K-20 markets in the nation's largest states.
    Texas (Mar. 2015)   New York (Apr. 2015)    California (May 2015) 
    Florida (Jul. 2015)  Ohio (Nov. 2015)   Pennsylvania (Nov. 2015)
    Illinois (Jan. 2016)  North Carolina (Mar. 2016)   Georgia (May 2016)
    Michigan (June 2016)     
Every Student Succeeds Act Fact Sheet UPDATED 1/12/16
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) overalls No Child Left Behind- the 2001 authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). ESSA marks a major change in federal policy by significantly reducing the federal role in education. This fact sheet highlights key provisions from the bill.

  • International Market Reports
    Short papers on emerging markets for education technology service providers, including K-12 and higher education. These reports are part of SIIA's work in international public policy.