Start Smart: Early-stage Research to Improve Products and Sales

This webinar will dispel the following myth:Obtaining evidence that your product works is beyond the reach of early-stage edtech companies.  We will illustrate how using tudent and teacher usage data,combined with student data from district pilots or from publicly available state sources, can lower the cost and speed up the process.  What you learn from this analysis will help you understand the following things: 

  1.  the elements of your product that contribute most to outcomes 
  2. patterns of usage that may be more or less effective 
  3. the types of students that benefit most or least 
These findings are useful for product managers and marketers. They are also sales tools, showing customers that the product has promise and making it eligible for federal and state funding. We will walk through the rationale and process of conducting this research and provide a sneak peek at the next edition of our Ed Tech Guidelines for Research.  The webinar will provide plenty of time to answer your questions.



Denis NewmanDenis Newman
CEO, Empirical Education Inc.

Mitchell WeisburghMitchell Weisburgh
Founder and Managing Partner, Academic Business Advisors, LLC