PR is Calling, How Will You Answer?


We all have the same end goal—to grow our businesses—but positioning ourselves in the marketplace takes time. PR is a strategic force that can help you do that while maintaining your brand’s pristine reputation. But questions remain: when should you hire a PR firm? What types of services can an agency provide you? How will they benefit your bottom line? And, ultimately, why take the PR plunge?

In this webinar, Charlene Blohm, John Harrington and Dusty Moore will:

explore why looking at PR as a long-term investment is beneficial for your business to drive demand generation 
explain the scenarios that might require a PR team (e.g. crisis management, corporate rebrands, new product announcements, demand generation)

By the end of the webinar, participants will know when PR is needed, and how they can get their business to a place where PR can take root and bolster visibility. This topic is important, now more than ever, as year-end approaches, and companies decide which marketing resources to invest their time and money in for the upcoming year.