Insider Series:
It’s a Small World: EdTech Markets Worldwide


Every company wants the widest possible distribution for their product or solution. But the United States, albeit a huge market, is unique in many ways when compared to the K-20 market in other countries. The Ministry of Education of a European (or Asian) country bears little resemblance to the U.S. Department of Education. The nature of the marketplace, and the sales and marketing process, are very different. We all say it’s a global world, but this cliché needs to translate into customized strategies that inform product development, sales, and marketing.

This Insider Webinar Series will examine similarities and differences between the USA and various international markets, including:

  • The varying roles of government ministries in procurement 
  • Strategies for effective market penetration 
  • The effect of European Union structural funds on regional budgets for education
  • How use cases and product development differ for edtech solutions internationally
  • The similarities and differences in the private / startup edtech communities
  • The role of trade and industry associations, and the role SIIA can play outside the United States

The webinar will be an introduction, focusing on Europe but also touching briefly on the Asian and Middle Eastern markets, where European companies are competing with USA startups strongly.


Myron Cizdyn, President & Founder, The BLPS Group / eLearning Journeys

Myron is responsible for the strategic direction and high-level client relations of The BLPS Group. His latest initiatives are the Gateway2Achieve learning platform and eLearning Journeys, an initiative advocating online education in the school, higher education, corporate and medical segments. Myron brings to the table 25 years of experience in educational, religious, and trade publishing, including stints in the Vatican, Rome, Ukraine and throughout the USA. You can find his profile at

Artur Dyro, CEO of Learnetic

Artur is the president and CEO of Learnetic, a leading eLearning developer for education focused on creating and deploying new generation mobile content, authoring tools and platforms. Its digital content and learning products are used in over 30 countries. Artur is involved in eLearning initiatives in development of national educational systems, publishing platforms and digital curricula. He has appeared at numerous events, including eLearning Africa, Online Educa, the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs, and the Asia Education Leaders Forum.

Konrad Przyludski, CEO at Softnauts Software

Konrad has over 10 years’ experience in software development, and has developed solutions both for his own company and as an outsource developer, in the consumer and educational spaces. As such, he is an energetic proponent of the confluence between the consumer user experience and edtech development. He has been deeply involved in the product development and startup environment in Poland and Eastern Europe. His company is the creator of eTABU - one of most popular word games in the world.


Jay_michael Michael Jay, President, Educational Systemics

Michael taught Science in California, where he worked on developing the state's first set of Technology in the Curriculum materials. He helped start Apple's Classroom of Tomorrow project and went on to found Mediaseek Technologies,continuing the development of tools for children and educators as Director of Education Business Development at N2H2 and VP and GM of Brainium Technologies in the following years, where he worked on sustainable 1:1 computing in schools. Michael served on the Executive Board of the School's Interoperability Framework and played a pivotal role in driving the development and adoption of the LRMI, both pivotal to data and content interoperability in pK-12 education. Michael served on the SIIA Ed Board for 12 years, three of which he served as co-chair. He started and continues to cochair the ETiN Tech & Dev working group.  Michael is also the host of Education Table Talk, a month internet radio show that addresses topics important to those who serve pK-12 education.