Insider Series:
Measuring Ed Tech impact in the ESSA Era



This webinar will introduce you to a new approach to evidence about which edtech products really work in K-12 schools.  ESSA has changed the game when it comes to what counts as evidence.  This webinar builds on ETIN’s recent publication of Guidelines for EdTech Impact Research that explains the new ground rules.

The webinar will explore how we can improve the conversation between edtech developers and vendors (providers), and the school district decision-makers who are buying and/or piloting the products (buyers).  ESSA has provided a more user-friendly definition of evidence, which facilitates the conversation.  

  • Many buyers are asking providers if there is reason to think their products are likely to work in districts like theirs.  
  • For providers, the new ESSA rules let them start with simple studies to show their product shows promise without having to invest in expensive trials to prove it will work everywhere.

The webinar brings together a panel of experts including a developer who has conducted research on the company’s products, an advocate for educators concerned with improving the efficacy of edtech and a researcher who is the lead author of ETIN’s Guidelines.