A Webinar on Webinars:
How Webinars Drive Brand Awareness, Content Marketing, and Lead Generation


Many education organizations are finding that webinars are a valuable addition to their marketing mix. Webinars help you connect in virtual meeting rooms with educators – anytime, anywhere – and at a much lower cost than face-to-face events. They are an excellent engine for content marketing, market insight, thought leadership, and lead generation.

Join us for a webinar with education industry pros on best practices and tips for using webinars as part of your marketing mix.  Topics covered will include:

  • Use webinars to enhance your thought leadership
  • Focus on professional learning, not self-promotion
  • Book early and promote across all your media channels
  • You can never be too prepared for the live event
  • Use all the engagement tools your platform provides
  • Provide recognition and resources for those who attend
  • Leverage the value of your webinar AFTER the event
  • Webinars provide recognition for your experts and customers
  • Your impact goes beyond ROI

Don’t miss this webinar on webinars! If you’re already hosting webinars, you’ll get lots of tips, and if you’re not, you’ll want to start.



Ileana Rowe
Marketing/Business Development Strategist, Voyager Sopris

Lisa Schmucki
Founder and CEO, edWeb.net

Lynn Walker
Marketing Consultant