BizMedia Podcast

BizMedia Podcast

Welcome to Connectiv’s BizMedia podcast series, which shines a light on leading edge trends and personalities in the business media and information industry.

In 20 minutes or less we offer:

  • Access to thought leaders in business media and information and beyond
  • Understanding of developing trends shaping the industry
  • Actionable ideas that listeners can put into practice


Elizabeth GreenB2B media is embracing the wider trend of standing for something bigger than just the business objectives. Elizabeth Green, CEO of Tulsa-based Brief Media, shares how investing in the well-being of others, from mentoring local entrepreneurs to traveling the world to eradicate disease with the Mission Rabies project, is translating into business success including partnerships and employee satisfaction and retention.

Tony UlwickOutcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) is a strategy and innovation process that ties customer-defined metrics to the "job-to-be-done", making innovation measurable and predictable. The process employs qualitative, quantitative, and market segmentation methods that reveal hidden opportunities for growth. Featuring Tony Ulwick, founder and CEO of Strategyn.

Sean GriffeyIndustry Dive was one of B2B’s most successful (and contrarian) independent publishers, more than doubling revenue without dabbling in events or acquisitions that have driven growth for so many other publishers. Now that private equity has come calling, how does Industry Dive expand while retaining its formula of culture and content that’s worked so well? Featuring Industry Dive CEO Sean Griffey, and Keynote Speaker at the upcoming Business Information & Media Summit, November 11-13 in Hollywood Beach, Florida.