Nomination Requirements

Below are the requirements to submit a nomination for The Marianne Dekker Mattera Mentor Award. It is strongly suggested you prepare the necessary documentation before beginning your nomination.


  1. Statement of Support: A written statement describing the Nominee's role as a mentor to one or more "protégés" in the field of B2B media. Provide specific examples of mentorship and, where possible, cite positive results. Where possible, provide data - for example, the number of mentees the Nominee has guided; the number of times or the time period over which the Nominee helped or mentored an individual mentee; or the various ways in which the Nominee mentored one or more mentees ("She helped Jane move up to Associate Content Editor, but she motivated me to risk taking a big change in my role").

    The entry can apply to the Nominee's mentorship of a single person or multiple persons. The Statement should be of sufficient length to make the case for the Nominee without "padding" the story. Suggested length: 2-4 pages of text, depending on the complexity of the information provided. [required]
  2. Statement from Nominee: A written statement (1-page) from the nominee on what mentoring means to them. [required]
  3. Letter/s of Support: Brief letters (1 to 1-1/2 pages) or equivalent emails from "protégés," citing, as much as possible, specific examples or cases where the nominee provided valuable mentoring that led to a positive result, such as improved professional skills ("My writing was so much better"), career advice ("She helped me understand the career ladder at our company"), or personal advice ("He supported me at a difficult time in my mother's illness"). Be as specific as possible, without violating privacy concerns, and where possible, cite specific results ("Thanks to his help, my project won an award"). In cases where more than one Letter is included, it can be helpful if the individual letter writers cite different examples of the nominee's mentorship abilities, to give the judges a wider perspective on the nominee's capabilities. This could also be a combined document of testimonials from colleagues. [optional]
  4. Brief resume of the Nominee: 1-2 pages, to give the judges a perspective on the Nominee's professional background. [required]
  5. Supporting Documents: Any documents - blogs, company news, press releases - that support the claims made in the Statement of Support or the Letter/s of Support. Not required, but if they add validity, include them, but don't "pad" the entry with irrelevant material. [optional]