A Letter From AM&P President Diane Rusignola Introducing the New Advisory Board

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I’m thrilled to introduce Association Media & Publishing’s advisory board for the 2020-2021 programmatic year. During the year ahead, we will be striving to keep the AM&P community as active as it has ever been. While that will look a bit different and will include lots of video conferencing and fewer in-person events, the AM&P community that I have known for many years is all about our connections to each other. This year’s board is committed to keeping those connections alive.

We will host AM&P’s first-ever virtual Annual Meeting in the fall. Annual Meeting Chair Jen Smith has been hard at work for more than a year planning incredible content and networking sessions for association professionals and industry service partners alike, and is now pivoting to make the meeting work for everyone in a virtual format. The board is dedicated to helping Jen and her committee make this the smashing success that we know it will be.

AM&P’s board is also focused on welcoming new volunteers into our leadership pipeline. We have expanded our leadership opportunities this year so that each committee will feature a chair, a vice chair and a board liaison. This partnership between the board and non-board members is part of a broad effort to bring more voices into our committees. If you are interested in AM&P committee leadership, we have a home for you here, and I encourage you to take that next step.

In addition, the AM&P board is constructing a new diversity and inclusion initiative that will be led by board members Randy Townsend, of the American Geophysical Union, and Kaylen Tucker, Ph.D, of the National Association of Elementary School Principals. AM&P began its D&I efforts earlier this year with our February/March issue of Signature, which included an audit of the magazine’s diversity content over an entire year. The AM&P board is dedicated to continuing this important self-reflection, while also delivering to members the resources that you need to further D&I at your own companies.

I encourage you to check out AM&P’s new board on our website. We are all committed to the association’s strategic and tactical goals, but most importantly, committed to you: our community of association professionals and industry service partners. I invite you to reach out to me with any questions or input you may have, and I look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Diane Rusignola
AM&P Advisory Board