Special Awards

Emerging Leaders

Association Media & Publishing’s Emerging Leaders Award program honors rising stars in our industry. It recognizes up-and-coming association publishing and communications professionals under the age of 35. Recipients are individuals who are making a clear impact on their organizations and our industry.

The 2019 Emerging Leaders are: Ashley Reid, Senior Managing Editor at The YGS Group; Stephanie Kern, Editor at the American Staffing Association; Ryan Cross, Assistant Editor at Chemical & Engineering News, American Chemical Society. (shown left to right)


Mitch Mohanna Lifetime Achievement Award

Mitch MohannaThis special merit award is chosen by and presented by the Board of Directors to an industry service provider that has performed an outstanding service to AM&P and achieved accomplishment spanning a career in association media and publishing. It was founded in 2016 in honor of loyal AM&P member Mitch Mohanna ( shown left), who passed away in 2015. The award is a trophy presented at AM&P’s Annual Meeting.

The 2019 recipient of the AM&P Mitch Mohanna Lifetime Achievement Award is James Meyers, CEO and Founder, Imagination.